Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Last Minute Handmade Gifts

Hi there!

For Christmas this year I'm working on making some gifts for some of my close familly and relatives.  I decided to make a bunch of different cards for them to use over the year.  This way they never need to worry about running out to buy a card at the last minute.  I did this a few years ago and it was a real hit with my best friend Sylvia.  She said that having the cards on hand to give to people at the office when they've been ill or have a birthday helped make her seem thoughtful.  Haha!  Silly Sylvia.  She's already thoughtful. :)

I grabbed some small cardboard gift boxes from the dollar store last week that are large enough to fit the typical handmade cards of 5-1/2" x 4-1/4".  At the moment I'm working fiercely on cards they'll like that I can fill those boxes up with.  I think the key is to keep them simple.  Here are some cards I've made so far;

Some cards they'll use may be;

Get Well
Thank You

I thought about Valentine's cards but I don't think they'd use them.  You could include them in your box if you're doing the same thing.  I've also made some tabs/dividers for the box so it's kept somewhat organized.  I made and named four tabs;

Get Well/Sympathy

I'll post a picture of the finished product soon.  I hope that covers it, and yes, I do see the irony of having 'Get Well' and 'Sympathy' cards stored together. ;)

Have a great holiday!


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