Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Anya on the farm..

I've been suffering from strep throat over the last few days. Have you ever had that? I haven't, and now I feel for all of you that have!

Last night was the first time I actually felt well enough to walk down to my disaster dining room table to tackle another project. I felt so inspired by the design team calls at The Greeting Farm. If you haven't heard, TGF, as well as Club Anya are looking for new designers to showcase their stamps. It's SO exciting! Check it out. Here are the links;



Good luck!

Okay, so last night I stamped a dressy Anya onto some cardstock, noticed it seemed like she was sitting on something, and came up with this card. I don't know if it's genius or dumb really. Sometimes you just need to go with your inspiration at the time, you know? Anyway, I hand drew the barn, grass, fence and stone wall.

If you made a card with Anya sitting on something, what would it be? What sort of background stamps would you want to compliment her?

Better run and take some more antibiotics. Still on the mend you know...

Have a great day!



  1. That is a great stone wall -- very impressive that you drew it yourself.
    Hope you feel better. I have had strep throat four times as an adult and it sucked each and everytime.

  2. I'm super impressed, I can't draw anything by hand! Very cute card :0)

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  4. This is really cute!!! Great job on the barn, fence and stone wall. I'm loving this scene!